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Setting up an E-Mail Account in Outlook Express

Information you will need before you start:

Now you're ready to set up an account on Outlook Express

Go to the Tools menu and choose the Accounts option from the drop down menu

Click the Add button and choose the Mail option from the drop down menu


This launches the Internet E-mail Address Wizard.

Fill in your e-mail address details

Leave the lower option blank - this will lead you to sign up for an Hotmail account.

Fill in the details of the Mail Servers.  The information below is correct if you address is

If you are with a different service provider, check their web site for server details.


Fill in details of your Address and Password.  You will not be asked for your password again if you are asked for a password when Windows starts.

Be aware that anyone can collect your mail if this is the way you set up your computer.

If you are concerned about privacy - do not check the "Remember Password" option.

Very few service providers require SPA at present


Congratulations - you should be up and running now!