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Ballakermeen High School Association

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Getting Started

  1. Why is this writing a different colour?
  2. How do I use my browser (Explorer, Netscape etc.)...? the Basic Steps
  3. How do I send and receive E-mail... ?
  4. Why will Windows not remember my password... ?
  5. Is there a directory of e-mail addresses... ?
  6. How do I copy information I find... ?
  7. How do I copy a picture... ?

Why is this writing a different colour?

The World Wide Web uses Hyperlink to move from one page or piece of information to another. The hyperlinks are displayed in a colour different from the main text to indicate that it is a link to further information. When the mouse is passed over a Hyperlink, the pointer will change to a hand to indicate that it is an active link.

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How do I use my browser (Explorer, Netscape etc.)... ?


e.g. (Ballakermeen High School)

e.g. Altavista , Yahoo

(http:// is not necessary as the browser takes it for granted)

Important Buttons

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How do I send and receive E-mail... ?

There are two basic types of e-mail

Web Based E-mail:

There are lots of providers of free web based e-mail. (Hotmail,Yahoo )

It is called "Web Based" because it uses your browser (Explorer, Netscape etc..) and does not require a specific e-mail programme. It is usually a free service, and almost all free e-mail services are web-based.

To use the service you need to obtain a user name and password, and these are used each time you log on to the web page.

To get your user name and password, follow the instructions on the home pages of Hotmail,Yahoo or any of the other free e-mail providers.

"POP" based E-Mail

If you wish to use e-mail for a business or profession, you should only consider "POP based e-mail". It is much more secure and allows much greater flexibility in scheduling sending and receiving mail, in viewing you mail off-line, and in integrating your e-mail addresses with your other phone numbers and postal addresses.

As "POP e-mail" is not available to-night - we will only consider "Web based E-mail"


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Remembering Passwords... ?

Windows will remember you password only if you use a password when you start you computer. If different people use your computer, Windows will remember different passwords and log-on names for each site for each user. To set up different users on your computer go to the Control Panel

click on Users

and follow the instructions for adding New User

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Is there a directory of E-mail Addresses... ?

There are specific search engines which will find e-mail addresses, but only if people have allowed their address to be included in the directories. Most search engines include an option to find and e-mail address,

or use Windows "Find"

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How do I copy information I find... ?

There are a number of different ways to copy information


go to Save As on the File Menu

enter a file name and save.

You won't be able to do that to-night as students are not permitted to save to the system. There is of course another way! - Cutting and Pasting

go to the Edit menu and choose Select All

Then choose Copy from the same menu.

To Paste the text into a Word Processor use the Paste option on the Edit menu.

Note some letters are underligned in the above examples. This indicates that the Menu Options can be accessed with "shortcut keys". Hold down the Alt key (next to the Windows key on the bottom left of the keyboard and press the highlighted letter (e.g. c for Copy) and the selected items will be copied.


This is done by placing the cursor (mouse pointer) at the beginning of the section, holding down the left mouse button and draging the mouse pointer to the end of the section. You can now release the mouse button.

Another way is to place the cursor at the beginning of the section, and then holding down the Shift key , move the cursor using the cursor keys at the right side of the keyboard. The text will be highlighted as the cursor moves providing the Shift key is kept down.


Move the pointer into the highlighted section and right-click on the mouse. A drop down menu will appear which includes the option to Copy. Move to this option and click the left mouse button.


The information is now available to be Pasted into a Word Processor. Right clicking the mouse in a word processing document and a drop down menu will appear which includes the option Paste. Move the mouse pointer to this option and left click, and the information should be transferred to the Word Processor. This option can also be accessed from the Edit Menu.

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How do I copy a picture... ?

Right click your mouse on a picture - here try this one:

A drop down menu will appear including the option to "Save Picture As " this gives you the options to name and choose the type of image file. This option will not be available to you to-night.

Also included in the drop down menu is the option to "Copy" use this to-night and paste the bunny into a programme like Paintbrush.

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Hyperlinks are the guides which help you to find your way around pages in the internet. They can be either text or pictures which when clicked with a mouse, lead you to another page or piece of information. On these pages the words across the top are hyperlinks

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