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Ballakermeen High School Association

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Minutes of Association Meetings:




TUES. 11th. September 2001



PRESENT.                  See attendance register

APOLOGIES:              Mrs. Claire Howland Julie Stennett, Jane Rhodes‑Jones, Gilli Nesbitt



Minutes: As there have been difficulties with distribution of the minutes from school, NU. Paul Kane is going to act as link person in future.

Fashion show:             Dates 15/16 November. Venue: multi-purpose hall, 

Prices: to be decided at next BHSA meeting and tickets given out.

N. Smith progressing arrangements well. Stage lights required - to be booked from Youth & Community,

A. Burnett to action.

2 poster competitions to be run ‑1 for website, 1 for print.  Donation of 250 given to school towards fashion show.   Sponsorship for big raffle prize needed + other raffle prizes please!

Tickets/posters and kind of help needed to be discussed in Oct. (Sub-committee to decide details)

Article required for next meeting for ~ Radio/Press etc. ?? Border TV . Mr.Thornton to investigate.

2 x CD/Tape players to be bought for rehearsal purposes.

Update and Request for funding: 

From Mrs. Burnett - 5000 agreed at last meeting for display boards - arrived now and thank you.

Last year association agreed to Miss Galt's request for funding for a years access to geography website for KS3 -156

Association agreed to funding for current year.

Enda Collins asked what stage the hard play area is up to. An eyesore! All unhappy about it ‑ongoing.

The Association had agreed to fund the school 1000 towards planners. Mrs. Burnett reported this is to be given back as they coming from the Dept.

Yearbook ‑to be discussed at further meeting.

Treasurer's Report D. Schuster concerned over requests for payment of some magazine accounts received during the summer. Chairman agreed that there should be tightening up so we know what is happening? approval signature. 

Total Balance BHSA 300 club accounts and BHSA accounts dated 4 Sept. 2001 25,477.89

Agreed that parents need to know about what projects/requests it is being spent on. 300 Club ‑ there are 36 spaces.

Committee agreed to fund 200 proposed by I. Powley, seconded by C. Radcliffe.  BHSA newsletter to go out on 24th Sept. ‑ to advertise 300 club and AGM.

Future Events: To be discussed after Nov. In favour of some more educational events.

Website: Enda reported it has had nearly 1000 hits. Needs some redesign. To be publicised in newsletter. Student Bulletin to go in each week. Suggestion made re Standing order form for 300 club to go on website to encourage new members ‑?? Any thoughts for site to Enda please. D, Schuster to e‑mail 300 club letter to Enda for insertion.

A.O.B. Question and concern re School trips. Trips well established and good ratio staff. pupils. Letters to go to parents re: guidelines that apply on Island. It was highlighted the need for parental assistance but little response. Suggested to invite Miss Galt to talk about fieldtrips.

Exam Results: Mrs. Burnett reported very good results with 61% of girls, and 53% of boys receiving 5 or more A‑C passes at GCSE. There was an 89% A level pass rate. Well done everyone. There were concerns expressed re: size of the 6th. form now and possible problems.

300 Club Draw:

July 2001                       100           Number 55

                                       50                         54

August                           100                       312

                                       50                       148

Sept.                               125                      235

                                        75                       270

                                        50                       161

                                        25                         41


The Annual General Meeting for the Ballakermeen High School Association will be held on:


Tuesday 2nd. October


at 6.30pm


in the learning Resource Centre



Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Open Learning Centre

Next Meeting  AGM Tuesday 2nd. October at 6.30PM




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